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The loft name came about because of my interest in cycling, since Bicycle in French is Velo, I thought Velo Loft sounded pretty cool so that's how it came to be. I started like most boys, a few commies, then a roller or two, and a few fancy breeds. For my twelfth birthday my Grand father who had "real" racing pigeons sent me two pairs of birds, that's all it took for me to get hooked, four years later I started flying the children and grand children of the original two pairs and they turned out pretty competitive the first year. Then I traded a few with some of my buddies and we were all having a fine time racing our birds when I was rudely awakened by a call from "Uncle Sam", son have I got a deal for you, a vacation trip across the big pond to a wonderful resort called Vietnam. Well, that was the end of pigeons for awhile. I got back into it while in college; Raymond Tonia lived in Bryan College Station back then and he gave me several pairs of birds to start with and I've had birds ever since, occasionally I tried a different breed here and there but generally I always had racing birds. Right now my Show Type Racing Homers have taken center stage and are my main interest. Steve Johnson and I are trying to get more fanciers interested in this breed here in the Texas and Oklahoma area, and like Steve (Tiger Loft) my philosophy is to keep things manageable, which means small scale. The most pairs of breeders I've had at one time in the past twenty years is twelve, and the fewest was five, so you can see I keep this as a hobby and not another job.
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