Performing Roller Standard
(there is no standard)

The Performing Roller Association was formed to promote the Flying Performing Roller Pigeon regardless of its color, strain, or club affiliation. The P.R.A. does not cater to any one individual or special interest groups. We are for the "positive promotion of flying performing roller pigeons". The flying and performance is of our utmost concern. Nothing is more important to our breed than this. Just because we stress the importance of the flying performance of our rollers, it should not exclude us from exhibiting our ideal performing rollers in some sort of display alongside all of the other pigeon breeds. The Flying Performing Roller Pigeon is a breed of its own ad should officially be acknowledged as such. We are proud of our breed and we have the right to express this at the P.R.A. Fly and Display conventions and also at the N.P.A. All Breed Show conventions with our display of Verified Performing Roller Pigeons.
The Performing Roller Association promotes a Fly and Display convention where we display our special air tested, sound, fast, tight, stylish rollers regardless of what they look like on the ground. The rolling performance standard is contained in a few simple words and its importance is so great it should never be allowed to be lost sight of. A true flying performing roller turns over backwards with inconceivable rapidity through a considerable distance like a spinning ball. Our past leaders left us with some very informative ideas which we should take our lessons from. In around 1875 Mr. Ludlow, the famous artist, judge, and fancier of England, for Fulton's Book of Pigeons wrote, "Rollers are those which at every exhibition of their rolling powers pass through an unaccountable number of backward evolutions or somersaults, in such quick succession as to appear like a falling ball. Most fanciers are satisfied if they come through the kit as a ring, but when they appear in solid form, it is known their convolutions re performed with still greater velocity. A good Roller should fairly roll 20 feet. There are lots who descend by a series of treble or more somersaults to a greater distance, but the most perfect complete a long descent in one spinning bout". (Ludlow, 1875)
This brings us to the question, "why do we have separate meets at the N.P.A. shows? There are several reasons: fanciers are proud of the organizations they create, and they have their own standards which generally conflict with those of other groups. This would mean that no judge outside of their own club would give them the satisfaction they expect. The natural propensity of jealousy is often to be contended with. Unanimity in other breeds of pigeons is governed by a National Standard, which is something Roller pigeon clubs are generally at disagreement over.
This can be understood since there can be no conformation standard for a flying breed. Once a conformation standard is adopted the breed becomes a Fancy Variety. The P.R.A. is for all performing roller fanciers regardless of their particular club affiliations. We welcome all performing rollermen worldwide to participate in our programs. Our Verified Performer Program is open to anyone who is interested in participating.
1. We will never have a written conformation standard. A conformation standard is a license to employ means which will alter the whole outlook of any fancier's loft. The temptation to cross-breed, among other things, being always present. The use of a conformation standard, I repeat, will eventually destroy the whole purpose of the flying breed it is supposed to encourage. There is no need to cross-breed to obtain attractive pigeons, and neither does an unorthodox marking or color spell unattractiveness.
It is the following which makes an attractive pigeon.
Facial expression
Feel of the body
Feather texture
2. We will always employ experienced flying performing rollermen as P.R.A./N.P.A. Display judges. The best judges for flying performing rollers are fanciers who breed flying performing pigeons.
3. We will not offer expensive prizes or money for display choices. The higher the cash awards, the more important stress put on winning, the more disagreements and arguments occur. We have had plenty of examples of this in Several breeds in the past. Some people never seem to grow up, and they evidently have never heard of the Golden Rule.
4. All birds on display will be P.R.A. Verified (NBRC/IRA certification also honored). These are the four basic safeguards that the P.R.A. Verified Display is governed by. With these four criteria enforced we will never have another dual-purpose controversy in the Flying Performing Roller hobby again. The main intention of the Display convention is the socializing and getting together to share our favorite air tested first class rollers with all who attend. Our Display is not a Show! It is a happening. We are a separate breed. Let us not forget what Richard Krupke said years ago a million times: "It's what they do in the air that counts!"
1. Gets Flying Performing Rollermen together.
2. Encourages fanciers to formulate a standard of quality rolling in the air.
3. By entering these special air tested quality Flying Performing Rollers in the P.R.A./N.P.A. conventions, it gives all who are present a chance to see what constitutes a quality Flying Performing Roller Pigeon on the ground. We will get to see the different variable types of rollers that can roll with quality.
1. The bird being verified will be at least one year old or banded one year prior to be eligible for the title of Proven Performing Roller. Verification of age will be authenticated by the two flying performing rollermen who witnessed the particular bird in question. Area director and witnesses will use integrity when verifying Proven Performing Rollers. By signing your name your reputation will reflect the quality of performers in your area. (Area Director is preferred to be present but not necessary).
2. The bird must perform in an outstanding manner and roll with velocity, style, frequency, and roll a minimum of 10 feet.
3. The bird being verified must be designated before liberation. Additionally, it must be easily identified and be the only bird of its particular color and marking. There must be no question as to which bird is being verified.
4. Each area may judge and verify their own birds. Judges consist of two Flying Performing Rollermen other than the owner. Owner must sign form in appropriate space but may not sign as a witness. The witnesses do not have to reside in your area but must be a Flying Performing Rollerman. All verification forms will be filled out properly.
5. Verification forms will be submitted by the Area Directors to the Governing Councilman in charge. The information will be filled out on PRA Proven Performing Roller application forms. Included should be the date, band number, color and marking, age, sex, and who flew it. Judges, owner and Area Director must sign form. Verification forms can be obtained from your Area Director.
6. Copies of completed Verification forms will be issued to the owner of the bird being verified by the Governing Councilman in charge. The Governing Councilman in charge will also record your verification in the PRA Verification Record Book. The Governing Councilman in charge is responsible for the Verification Program. (You must show preof of NBRC/IRA Certified birds).
7. All Proven Performing Rollers will be eligible for display events of the PRA Annual Fly and Display conventions and the NPA National Sow conventions. Remember the display is not a show, it is a chance to share our top rollers with all who attend the conventions. We do not display our flying rollers for a show conformation standard. Our rollers are picked out of the air for their rolling quality and that is our standard. We will never have a written conformation standard. A true Flying Performing Roller turns over backwards with inconceivable rapidity through a considerable distance like a spinning ball. This is the Flying Performing Roller standard we go by. All birds on display will be P.R.A. Verified. (We also honor NBRC/IRA Certification).

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