The Breed Standard

From the NPA Book of Standards

Name :
The Altstämmer Tumbler in Europe
The Ancient in UK & USA

Origin :
From India & Central Asia
Developed in Eastern Europe.
Bred & Developed in Germany pre 1730
Introduced into Great Britain circa 1880

Ring Size:
8mm - NPA size B

Colours :
Black, Blue, Dun, Yellow, Red, White

Self ,Magpie Marked, Pied, Tiger

Origin : As the name implies, it is one of the oldest (and smallest) of the Tumbler Group. Was bred as the Altstämmer Tumbler before 1730 in Berlin, from several older breeds originating from Middle Asia (Eastern Europe). The Germans took on the breed and developed it. It was introduced into Britain by a member of the German Consulate in London circa 1880
Overall Impression : Short and cobby. Small and rounded, with a round head, short beak, alert 'cute' posture and neck 'tremor'. Very tame.
Head : Round and broad, the rear curving gracefully to the neck. The forehead broad and high. Plain-headed or round crest (neat shell crest).
Eyes : In coloured birds, the eye is pearl in colour with a small pupil. White selfs have dark or bull eyes. Eye cere fairly broad but flat and fine in structure. Pale flesh to red in colour.
Beak : Short, thick and stumpy, both upper and lower of equal size, set squarely. Light flesh colour for Black and Blues with a darker tip allowed. Wattle small, white, neat and not protruding.
Neck : Strong and curving, swan-like to the rear. Has a distinct 'tremor' when the bird is curious or excited.
Breast : Broad, well rounded, carried forward and proud. Sometimes with slight vertical 'curling' to the breast feathers.
Back : Short, broad, high. Has a slightly 'hollow' back with 'proud' upper tail coverts (cushion). Steeply sloping back-line.
Wings : Broad and quite short, neatly folded and carried on the tail, which extends only slightly beyond the wing tips.

Tail : Short and well closed.
Legs : Short, grouse legged, not to be in the form of muffs (normally the nails should be seen.
Feathers : Feathering short and broad but not loose.
Colours :
Magpie in Black, Dun, Red, Yellow, Blue.
Marked (Pied) and White Wing in the above colours and Selfs.
Tiger in Black, Red and Yellow.
White Self.

Color and Markings :
All colours to be intensive.

Magpie Marked are coloured on the head, neck, breast, shoulders, back and tail. The belly, foot-feathers, wings, primaries and a large or small (but even) isolated white 'heart' on the front of the neck are white. In order to produce a good Magpie marking it is the practice to mate a Self coloured to a White.

White primary marked birds have one or more white primary feathers, the number or same on both wings is not important but the first primary should be white. The underparts of the foot feather can be white and some white flecking behind the thighs is allowed.

Tiger has coloured primaries and tail with head and neck flecked with white. Some white in the wing shields also.

Faults :
Large or long body. Too high on legs. Weak forehead. Skull or flat top to head. Pointed, long or thin beak. Long feathering. Leg feathering weak or too long. Wings carried below tail.

Order of Importance:
Breed type. Head shape and breadth. Beak. Body form and stance. Foot feathering. Eye colour. Markings and Colour.

Ring size : B
The Ancient Tumbler   /  The Altstammer Tumbler